The Transition From a Mother to Queen


There are different phases in the life of women that every woman has to experience in her life. It’s all about the journey one has to take to move from one phase to another. The most crucial and important transition in a woman’s life must be when she enters motherhood. You must know the term “Queen in training”, it’s the time in which a woman starts stepping into power. This is the time when she transforms from a princess to a Queen. It is the stage when a woman is strong, empowered, and fully connected with her true self. The way of navigating these transitions with grace and awareness is what makes a woman achieve Divine Feminine.

Phases in a Woman’s Life:

There are mainly four phases in a woman’s life after passing which she can truly achieve Divine Feminine. And these phases are:

Maiden Archetype:

The Maiden Archetype is the 1st phase in every woman’s life. It if the time of being a young girl or woman. Traditionally speaking, it is the time between 1st menstruation to the time of conception of her 1st child.

Mother Archetype:

The Mother Archetype is the 2nd phase in a woman’s life when she gets pregnant. This new transition form a Maiden to a Mother is the most beautiful one in a women’s life. From the time of conceptions of her 1st pregnancy to giving birth to a new life. The whole feeling is something so amazing that you just can’t describe the it in words. Being a mother myself, I still can’t forget my feelings when I first held my daughter in my arms. This whole phase ends when a woman stops conceiving, i.e. at the time of menopause.

Queen Archetype:

Queen Archetype which is the most important phase in a woman’s life. It is generally referred to as the stage of late motherhood. This is the stage of her life where she accepts complete responsibility for herself. She is the queen of her own domain and rules her life according to her own rules. The true Queen Archetype starts to shine, when a woman can remember who she truly is. Free from the labels of being a mother, wife, counselor, mediator, and all the other roles and responsibilities. That she has being fulfilling all her life and this is the time when she becomes truly Divine Feminine.

Chron Archetype:

The Chron Archetype is traditionally the remainder of life of a woman after menopause. This is the time when she may become a grandmother or a wise woman in her community.

For many women like myself, the major transition occurs during the motherhood. Pregnancy is not just giving a new life; it is a lot more than that. You watch your body change and grow; you deal with mood swings. The fear of welcoming an entirely new life is also different. Thus, a women experiences most of the physical and psychological changes in this process, resulting in an identity shift. Although pregnancy and birth may look vastly different from one woman to another but it is the pivotal point in a women’s life. “This is the stage when she feels her true power.”

As far as I’m concerned, I am still transitioning. I am very strong in the archetype of MOTHER as I have a beautiful 6-year-old daughter. However, I am 42 years old and have consciously decided that I will bear no more children from my womb.

And for me and for every other woman out there, this is something very HUGE.

Looking back sometimes I feel the need to celebrate what once I have experienced. From my emotions challenging me, to the changes I witnessed in myself. And, most importantly the potential I have by being a woman. Being a Woman is a beautiful and discovering your true self by passing through different phases in your life is what Divine Feminine is all about.

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