The Sacred Ones Membership

Create Emotional-Mastery by Moving with the Moon

Are you ready to create radical personal change?

Are you willing to be seen, heard and held as you journey to the depths of you?

The Sacred Ones Explained

Beginning with each New Moon you will receive:

  • a Monthly Astrological Overview
  • a New Moon Ritual
  • a Goddess Archetype to Invoke
  • Daily Journaling Prompts
  • a Seat in Our LIVE Full Moon Sacred Circle
  • a Soul Tribe of Like-Minded Women to Share Your Journey with

When you reconnect to the movement of the moon and align this with you own cyclical flow, then emotions become stable, energy is uplifted and will reclaim your your power.

Are you ready?

Monthly Astrological Overview

Astrology is just one way of tuning into the powerful and potent portal of energy available to. Even without any knowledge of astrology you can learn to flow with the energy of life instead of against it.

You will discover what it means when planets go retrograde and stop blaming everything on the moon. Instead you will be able to harness the energy and start working with it in alignment with your own cyclical nature.

New Moon Ritual

Each New Moon you will receive a downloadable ritual aligned with the energy of this new month.

New moons are new beginnings that when honoured and held sacred can set the tone for the month ahead.

New moon is also a time of deep inner reflection and to allow for a deepening of your own inner processes to access your inner world, honouring the new moon is vital and essential.

Invoking the Goddess

Each month you will receive a Goddess Archetype Activation.

To invoke the goddess means to call her into your life for the month, to pay homage to her power and to notice where she is alive or suppressed in you.

All the goddess archetypes exist in some way within us all. When we discover their power and align with their myth, you can awaken parts of yourself that have been waiting to rise.

Daily Journaling Prompts

Journaling is a powerful and sacred tool that connects your hand to your heart and your heart to your soul so you can bypass the ego, thinking mind and tap into the inner whispers of your souls true voice.

To commit to a daily devotional practice is something that we often all know we need to do, but we also often find every excuse under the sun not to do it. However by committing to 5mins of journaling each day, especially when that journaling is aligned with the current astrological influences, you can start to notice where in your life you have room to expand and where you might be holding yourself in and playing small.

It is your time to shine sister. What are you waiting for?

Live Full Moon Sacred Circle

Each month we go deep into sacred women’s circle and call in the energy of the potent and powerful Full Moon.

The Full Moon represents a time of illumination and manifestation. It can be illuminating things you have been working to manifest, or it will highlight in your life what has been blocking you from truly manifesting your desires.

When you sit in sacred circle you have an opportunity to be seen, heard and held and when women come together in this was,Β  magic happens!

Soul Tribe Sisterhood

In The Sacred Ones Membership you can journey through deep & powerful process, all while being held in sisterhood.

With an in app community as well as a private facebook group, you can share your wins, your challenges and truly discover what it feels like to belong.

You are not alone!

You will awaken the divine feminine within you!


Are you ready to be seen, heard and held as you journey to the depths of you?