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This is not about more information, these programs
are for radical self-transformation.

It’s about awakening & nourishing the divine feminine within
you, getting out of stress and reclaiming your cyclical nature so you can ignite your wild magic & start living from your purpose.

If you are a woman who is sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. If you are seeking something in your life, even if you don’t know what that something is, then look no further, you are in the right place.

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Self-Paced Programs

Being able to work through your hidden blocks in the privacy of your own home can be both challenging and rewarding. By deep diving into your most sacred self while at home allows you to weave your daily devotional practices and your new way of being into your daily life. You get to start showing up as the new and authentic version of you, no more masks, with firm boundaries & one hell of a potent and purposeful sense of self.

Live Coaching with EveningStar,
Shamanic Earth Priestess & International Embodiment Coach


The online Journey where you dive into the depths of who you truly are, while being held in a powerful, sacred container of sisterhood.

Awaken is a 7week online journey that guides you through the 7 chakras and supports you to create a daily devotional practice in your life. It is the program to help support you to bust through challenges and to transform how you show up in your life as you can start aligning with your true and authentic self.

With weekly circle connection, daily devotional teachings & goddess archetype activations you can no longer say you don’t have the tools and the support to follow your dreams.

Together We Rise Sister

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Work directly with EveningStar as she guides you through her proven intuitive process to unleash your most wild and sacred self.. You know, that part of you that whispers to you in your dreams, that part of you that is activated when you hear about soulful, heart lead embodiment practices where women discover their sacred gifts and start making an impact in the world with ease – because they have discovered their zone of genius, they trust their intuition and they have the tools to travel this roller-coaster ride called life.


Become unstoppable with Star in your corner cheering you on every step of the way.

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Self Paced Online Journeys

Chakra Healing on a Whole New Level.

The Awaken Program is designed to flow from one chakra to the next, however sometimes we know we need healing on a certain level.

Below you will find 7-day Self Paced Chakra Activation Programs

Start your journey towards your most sacred, healed and embodied self today!

With real life daily practices to awaken & transform your life from the inside out.

Are You Ready to Rise?

Base Chakra

Become the Woman You KNOW You Can Be!

Are you feeling disconnected and trapped in toxic self-talk?

Do you want to learn how to create a healthy foundation for yourself so you can stop surviving and start thriving?

This journey takes you from stress and reactivity to a place of ease and embodiment.

Click the Image Above to Find Out More and join me in the Base Chakra Journey today!

Sacral Chakra

Learn how to balance your hormones and unleash your inner power by reclaiming your cyclical nature and aligning with the natural rhythm and flow of life.

Feminine Wisdom resides within your womb, your creative centre. Learn how to reconnect with your cyclical nature & tune into the wisdom & untapped energy you carry within, even if you no longer have a menstrual cycle!

Solar Plexus

Feminine Power is within you. Most women have forgotten how to BE instead of constantly DOING in this patriarchal world. In this program you will discover the dance of the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy within you and then choose how you are showing up in your relationships, your work, with your kids & so much more.

Heart Chakra

In Chinese Medicine the mind resides within the heart. In this program you will discover how to banish the inner critic, develop self-trust and how to fall wildly in love with yourself! Who wouldn’t want that.

Throat Chakra

To be able to speak your truth openly and honestly you must first KNOW your truth & develop courage to speak it. This comes through creating healthy boundaries, deep listening & by keeping promises you make to yourself.


Into-me-I see! Intimacy with self, awakening your sense and tuning into your body activates & strengthens your intuitive power. Discover your access sense and unblock your intuition now!

The Duine Feminine

"Inside Every Woman Exists a Powerful & Potent Feminine Energy.
This is Our Life-Force; It Inspires us to Love; It Provokes Us to Nurture; We Are the Givers of Live!

Sing, Daree, Love, Make Love
Make Your Life Court

- Kristie Hayden