Emotional/Spiritual 1st Aid Kit

Emotionally Drained:

Have you ever felt so on edge or emotionally drained that you just want to scream or collapse into a warm hug?Or maybe both but you just don’t know which?

These times of intense emotional need can leave you feeling shattered or ashamed because to get the energy moving words fly, tempers raise and you project your frustration onto someone else. Your emotions feel totally out of control, you mind might be screaming “STOP” but the words keep flying out or the story in your head keeps playing on…

“I know how this feels”

Not so long ago, I went to a financial meeting with my partner, when I knew within that it was the wrong time for me to go, but I didn’t listen. When we arrived home, I felt out of place. My heart was racing and I was emotionally exhausted. There was still so much focus on financial discussions and I was trying to focus, but my mind was racing. I didn’t take the time to tune into my body and explore what was happening before my emotions ran wild and I lost totally control.

I started throwing an emotional tantrum and anxiety set in. In my mind I was attaching to silly stories, both untrue and irrational.

Did you know that the area of your brain that controls rational behavior is switched off when your emotions run wild. Nothing is rational when we are in a heightened emotional state.

Instead of being able to deal with the emotions and ride the wave, fear set in. I was lost & struggling to figure out how, in this moment, to snap myself out of my irrational state & get myself back into control?

I was collapsed crying in the bottom of a cold shower to avoid a full-blown panic attack. This helped, literally and figuratively, cool down. I started to breath and I heard my inner voice:

You are ok! You have the tools to figure this out. Do the work, USE YOUR TOOLSSo, I did”.

I went to my treatment space where I had all of my essential tools that I use daily when working with my clients.

I lit a candle and popped on soothing music. I sat, I centered myself and called in my higher self, my spirit guides, and I asked for help. The feelings of shame, guilt, and anguish stated to subside. I took out my journal and I wrote:

My Spiritual 1st Aid Kit

This was Step by Step Guide for getting me to connect with something higher than myself so that I can regain my emotional fortitude and a state a calm centered, peace within (and without).

I wrote a letter of forgiveness to myself and finished it was a promise:


“I will do my best to not ignore the need to check in when I feel myself getting overcharged spiritually or emotionally. I will read my Spiritual 1st Aid Kit (my own big-warm-hug) and I WILL do the work.”

Then I went to my partner and asked for a hug. I also asked him if in future I become irrational and start projecting: “Can you please direct me to my 1st Aid Kit (which is now framed on my wall) and get me to read it.”

The clarity came. The emotions subsided and spiritually I had a new process to work with when the energy & emotions feel too big to contain.

As women, we are emotional creatures.All the women I know have been in a similar situation at some time in their lives and this is why I want to share my story and this precious tool with you!

Since creating my Spiritual 1st Aid Kit, I feel I’ve a tool that helps me save my relationship, & opens me up to a whole new level of self-understanding. It helps me to nurture myself when all I need is love & acceptance.

I hope you follow this guide and develop your very own Spiritual 1st Aid Kit, just like me.

Download your Spiritual 1st Aid Kit PDF now.☺




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