Embodiment Coaching 1:1

Working with EveningStar

Come home to your wild self!

I see you sister, I feel you. Having that knowing, that deep down yearning for more:

  • more happiness,
  • more connection,
  • more ease,
  • more intimacy,
  • more epic sex,
  • more balance,
  • more energy…

Awakening the Divine Feminine Goddess Within You!

With Embodied, Shamanic, Soulful, Spiritual, Awakened Coaching

Whatever the more is that you are seeking, you are not alone! For too long

For too long we have been forced to be raised in societies, religions and cultures that have lost their connection with the divine feminine & with mother earth.

The result of this disconnection, no sense of belonging, denial of the very things that make us woman.

When working with EveningStar you will take a deep dive into becoming the change you want to see in the world.

Together we will unpack, uncover & discover what stories, habits, behaviours or patterns have been keeping you stuck in overwhelm, frustration, lack, fear & doubt & instead create space for you to discover the most healed, wild and whole version of yourself.

Stepping into your true and authentic self means unravelling parts of you that you already most probably know, do not serve your highest good.

EveningStar weaves together the ancient traditions of Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Sacred Women’s Business, Intuitive Healing, Reiki & so much more with modern day Research, Neuroscience, Spiritual profiling, Hormonal & Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Private Subconscious Healing & more...

With over 20yrs experience EveningStar has discovered that her gift is seeing through the vails that have been keeping you in the illusion that you are unworthy, unlovable, not feeling not enough, or even too much at times. She will guide you into the deepest parts of yourself through embodiment practices, deep discussion, mythology, meditation and so much more, so you can reclaim your power as a woman and raise above what has, up until now, been keeping you stuck.

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“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife
to the awakening of the Soul in another person.”

- Plato

Are you ready?

Step into a sacred, soul aligned, heart led life!

Opportunities to work 1:1 with EveningStar are limited, yet affordable.
Currently only 4 spaces are available for 6 - 12week programs.

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“Such a divine experience, digging deep and holding space
for me to expand, truly beautiful.”

- Victoria, Chakra Medicine Woman


“Star is in tune with your body, mind & soul. The space she creates for you is deeply personalised & is not just a quick fix. Star has helped me transform on so many levels to feel connected with what’s most important within. Do yourself a favour, make an appointment & enable the shift you’ve been dreaming of. Thank you EveningStar.”

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NOTE: Monthly Membership is The Circle Sisters Collective.
Group Coaching = Online Programs