AWAKEN sales Page 1st Draft

Let me guess...

It’s about awakening & nourishing the divine feminine within
you so you can ignite your magic & grow.

If you are a woman who is sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. If you are seeking something in your life, even if
you don’t know what that something is, then look no further, you are in the right place.

When the world shifted suddenly, did you find yourself more stressed and looking for a

You know you want to! PANIC button? The pressure has been intense and if you were already feeling like something was missing in life,

I bet that feeling has amplified now.

And you’ve probably found yourself stuck in a rut (and worrying) about a few things:

  • Does having to keep living by simply putting one foot in front of the other sound like hell?
  • Do I actually deserve a better life or does wishing for that make me entitled?
  • How can I show up for my kids as the best version of me?
  • How do I even figure out who I am when life feels so busy?
  • Should I just give up and accept life as it is?

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly who you were and how to show up in any situation with confidence and calm.
  • You had a tool box of powerful practices, and the knowledge to create a life that lights you up (without finding more hours).
  • You could finally activate your intuition to getting amazing downloads from spirit & your deepest desires start manifesting daily—without massive effort.
  • You finally felt seen, heard and held by like-minded women that become your tribe and your support network.

What if you were able to sit in sacred womens circle and deeply remember the ways of being woman — powerful, wild, raw and wise.

What if you had an 8 week journey to take you to self-mastery… Something that isn’t just more information but embodied total life transformation.

Yes I Want All That!

Sit in Live Sacred Circle Every Week with EveningStar,
Shamanic Midwife, Dr of Chinese Medicine & Women’s Health Specialist

In Awaken

The online Journey where you get to dive into the depths of you, while being held in sisterhood.

Awaken the 8week online journey that guides you through the 7 chakras and supports you to create a daily devotional practice in your life. It is the program to help support you to bust through challenges and to transform how you show up in your life as you can start aligning with your true and authentic self.

Together We Rise Sister

** Doors are Currently Closed, Next Intake October 2022 **

Yes I Want All That!

AFTER 20+yrs of coaching women from all over the world my FAvourite thing a client said one day was:

I WASN’t  sure what to call you when I was telling a friend about our sessions, so I just said you were my witch docotr!

If You Want to Dive into Deep & Powerful Shamanic Process to Remember Who You Are… Then You Are In The Right Place.

Awaken - the 8week Journey of Self-Mastery for the Awakening Woman

Over 8 weeks You Will Have a Personal Guide & a Sisterhood of Support to remove the overwhelm and self-doubt, and the toolkit for create the life you always knew your were destined for.

  • Weekly Breathwork Sessions
  • Workbooks to take you deeper
  • Guided Audio Meditations
  • Video Teachings
  • Daily Devotional Practices
  • Chakra Mastery
  • Trust in Yourself with Confidence & Clarity
  • Activate Your Intuition
  • Sit in Weekly Womens Circle
  • Leave with a Sisterhood of Deep & Lasting Connection

Join Awakens Next Intake in October 2022

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Here’s the deal, this program is life changing and I wanted this to be available to everyone so I’m keeping the price options to join enticingly low.

When I hit rock bottom I was broke and I was so broken. I never want any other woman to feel this way so I will always make sure that I’m creating offers that meet you where you’re at and provide solutions at price points that don’t break your bank, but provide you with everything you truly need.