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Awakening the Divine Feminine Within

Awakening the Divine Feminine Within:

Do you know how powerful & amazing you are? Inside every woman exists a powerful and potent feminine energy. This energy is the deep energetic connection you hold within. It is the force that drives you to live your life as you desire. It is your intuition, your inner voice, your guiding light, the positivity that you emanate with your simple presence and a smile.

When you awaken to and tap into the Divine Feminine Energy present inside you, you have power & passion that flows in everything you do. The Divine Feminine is often associated with the energy of the goddess, the moon, Gaia, mother nature, it is basically life-force itself. It inspires you to love ourselves and others, it provokes you to nurture; you are activated by it physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Awakening Divine Feminine Energy Within YOU…

So how can you awaken the your personal divine feminine energy?

We are so busy with our lives that we forgot how to connect within. Whether it is a caring for your family, putting everyone’s priorities before your own, trying to squeeze extra minutes into each day, we forget that this vital force of self-being and self-awareness is already there, watching, waiting for the moment that you choose to put yourself first.

In today’s society women are encouraged to do more, to force ourselves beyond our limits. We get stuck in with the ‘monkey’ inside our minds telling us that we are not worth the effort or the time.

But that is simply not true…
  • You are Worthy

  • You are Valuable

  • You are AMAZING!

To bring about a shift from being ‘Busy’ to valuing yourself, there is a commitment needed to ‘want’ to look within, to reconnect with you and your divine feminine essence.

To lead a balanced and fulfilling life, you have to make yourself a priority & when you do you will be amazed at how the to do lists and the pressures just seem to flow with ease and everyone around you start to notice you and your world can change.

Women are vessels of love and within this love, we hold ancient wisdom. We all have a space within that invites us to pursue or to listen to our soul’s purpose.

You know, that funny feeling you get within or the nagging thoughts about big dreams or crazy desires for you life – they are not crazy! It’s your soul whispering, encouraging you to listen, to reflect, to figure out what it is in life that makes you feel alive.

Only when you start to listen and you engage with this inner-fire, can truly connect to the true essence of who you are and what you were put on this earth to do. Once you awaken the divine feminine energy within, you will become empowered to live, to love, and to feel.

“This is your birthright.”

Women are the givers of life, the being of immense ability to create.Are you suppressing who you are or ignoring your spirit, essence and sensuality?As emotional creatures, women often hold trauma within and we feel so intensely that sometimes it is scary to tap into and remember what it means to be a powerful woman.

When we acknowledge our rawness, allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, this is when healing can happen & this is the true gift of being woman.

Ways to Awaken Divine Feminine Energy:

There are many ways which you can re-awaken the divine feminine energy and it can be as simple as this:

Be True to Yourself:

Feminine energy is all about discovering your true self. So, if you truly want to awaken your feminine energy, start living your life by your rules!


Learning to refuse the things that you don’t want to do is an important part of empowering yourself. Learning to value your presence, considering your opinion is a big step in self-discovery.


A woman is the one who brings special spark and mystery wherever they go! Learn to be a true woman, discover your playful side, learn to let your inner child out, and enjoy life.


Connect with Mother nature:

Feminine energy is all about discovering spirituality. Learn to cherish and enjoy the beauty of nature. The better your connection with nature is the more balanced your life will get. Remember that even getting five to ten minutes of fresh air can help you in revamping your soul and energy.


Being a woman is a blessing, not a curse. You are strong, capable, and beautifully feminine; you are not perfect, as perfection does not exist and it would be crazy to compare yourself to anyone else. No one else in the world can be you! The world needs you in all of your imperfection to be exactly who you were born to be.

Let us not deny the feminine any longer, awaken to your womb’s song, her wisdom, her creativity, her magnificence and start living the life you truly desire.

Remember that the best thing you can do is to be YOU ?!

“Sing, dance, love, make love, make life everything you want it to be.”

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  1. I always felt lost but yet in love when I became a mum.. After reading this blog I understand that I hadn’t said goodbye to my old self – but yet my world was changed forever! Thank you for enlightening me, now I can heal xx

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