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3 Essential Survival Tips to Move from Surviving to Thriving

Surviving to Thriving One of the hardest things in life is to muster up the energy and commitment needed to create change in life, especially when you are burnt-out, overwhelmed and battle with guilt when you dare to put yourself first. Have you ever looked at your life and wondered.. "Why am I only living but not flourishing? Where is my time? Time for me to be able to do something for me? Or

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Emotional/Spiritual 1st Aid Kit

Emotionally Drained: Have you ever felt so on edge or emotionally drained that you just want to scream or collapse into a warm hug?Or maybe both but you just don’t know which? These times of intense emotional need can leave you feeling shattered or ashamed because to get the energy moving words fly, tempers raise and you project your frustration onto someone else. Your emotions feel totally out of control, you mind might be

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Awakening the Divine Feminine Within

Awakening the Divine Feminine Within: Do you know how powerful & amazing you are? Inside every woman exists a powerful and potent feminine energy. This energy is the deep energetic connection you hold within. It is the force that drives you to live your life as you desire. It is your intuition, your inner voice, your guiding light, the positivity that you emanate with your simple presence and a smile. When you awaken to

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The Transition From a Mother to Queen

Transitions: There are different phases in the life of women that every woman has to experience in her life. It's all about the journey one has to take to move from one phase to another. The most crucial and important transition in a woman’s life must be when she enters motherhood. You must know the term “Queen in training”, it’s the time in which a woman starts stepping into power. This is the time

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