Welcome Sister

You Have Arrived

Do you hear the call?
For life to be different, to be more, to be aligned with passion, power & purpose?
To awakening the divine feminine within?
Are you ready to live life on your terms?
To release the baggage & the triggers?
To step into your true, authentic & magnificent self?

"We Are So Excited You Are Here!"

Do You Ever Feel?


You give, you give and then one day it all becomes too much. You react when the smallest thing triggers your anger or sadness; arguments seem to happen again & again without any change in sight. Life is not meant for us to be this overwhelmed by stress!

Burnt Out

Ever feel like you’re the passenger in your own life?  Like someone else is driving and they want something from you every time. You’re constantly a mess, struggling to even get out of own way. Sleep continues to be elusive as hormones go haywire.

Mother's Guilt

Finding & committing to quality time with your kids is challenging with all of the other pressures & demands of life.  You feel you are not living up to everyone else’s expectations & that leaves you exhausted, constantly feeling guilty.  

Hello Sister

I'm Kristie

I am a wildly passionate, beautiful whirlwind of deep feminine energy, living life to the fullest in every way possible.  I am dedicated to helping you off the roller-coaster ride of emotional turbulence so you can step into the life you were born to have!

Becoming A Mum

Being a mother didn't always feel right to me. The transition into being a mum more felt like a death than a celebration. Plagued by guilt as I grieved for my old life but overflowing with love all in the same moment was confusing & exhausting.

Our Greatest Lesson's

Before I figured out & started living in accordance with the '7-secrets' to understanding my own inner world, I was reactive, exhausted, volatile & completely disconnected from my own power.

Trials & Tribulations

I realised that learning how to move out of survival & into thriving, figuring out how to connect & embody my own divinity was EXACTLY what I needed to do to help other achieve this too!

How To Create



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It's Time To AWAKEN Your...


Awaken Divine Feminine

Working With Us

Your personal growth is the most important investment you can make.  We’ve created courses to help you ‘Awaken You Hidden Potential‘.  Through ‘Personal Coaching‘ you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about.  With monthly ‘Women’s Circles‘ you can connect with a Tribe of like-minded women.  Our ‘Private Facebook Group‘ is a temple of beautiful sisters coming together to Connect, Release, Share, Be Held & Supported.

There’s Something for Everyone. 
Your Tribe is Waiting.

The Divine Feminine

“Inside Every Woman Exists a Powerful & Potent Feminine Energy.

This is Our Life-Force;

It Inspires us to Love;

It Provokes Us to Nurture;

We Are the Givers of Live!

Sing, Dance, Love, Make Love… Make Your Life Count!”

~ Kristie Hayden

Don't Leave Without Joining Our Sisterhood

"Kristie is in tune with your body, mind & soul. The space she creates for you is deeply personalised & is not just a quick fix. Kristie has helped me transform on so many levels to feel connected with what's most important within. Do yourself a favour, make an appointment & enable the shift you've been dreaming of. Thank you Kristie".
Teacher Support & Mother